Andrew is Changing

What a great homeschooling day.

I’m seeing and feeling such a change in Andrew particularly. Enthusiasm, co-operation, perseverence. Just in the last few days.

We made solar robots today from kits. I was ready to give up pretty quickly as they were fiddly, with tiny instructions. But Andrew said repeatedly “I’m not giving up”. He carried on, after lunch, & way past when I’d’ve thought he’d give up. With eventual success. We took them out in the sun & both solar robots worked. It was glorious!!

2015-05-20 14.07.05

I also learned something today. Enthusiasm, cooperation, perseverance. From my children.

Which seems to happen a lot with homeschooling.


One thought on “Andrew is Changing

  1. Excellent beginning to Homeschooling blog! I think that it’s well written and reveals how much care and thought you have given to this life – changing decision. It seems that it’s working for you all so far and the future is looking good!


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