Anabel is Changing

I always thought my girl was quite solemn. Sometimes she would laugh, but not that often. I hoped she laughed with her friends, but I just thought she was a serious kind of person. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But now I see and hear her giggling at so many things, and we’re laughing together.


Anabel is looking different too. She’s been sleeping in the mornings, and I’ve pretty much left her to it. I’ve felt myself needing to drag her out of bed, for…erm, when I think about it, I’m never really sure for what reason. Old habits die hard. But I’ve resisted, and let her sleep. She must need it. Yesterday and today I’ve started to notice how she is looking brighter somehow. Her eyes, skin, expressions, and demeanour convey happiness.

The whole impression is of a light-hearted girl, who is blossoming.


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