A Year On. Some of What’s Been Difficult.

We’ve been home educating for over a year. I havent blogged in all that time, but I think I’m ready to reflect a little. I’ll start with this post about some of what’s been hard.


The most difficult thing has been the effort required to go against both the mainstream, and the hard wiring within me, of the school way of doing things. It doesn’t come easy. I was at school for thirteen years. My children were at school for seven.

So I worry are we doing the right thing, have I made a catastrophic mistake? A bolt of anxiety through my gut.

Are we ‘doing enough’? Seeing other home educators’ children working through curriculum, working in a structure, with timetabled sessions. We don’t work like that, and if we did I think we may as well send them back to school. But I can’t help but feel inadequate and panicked when I see this in the home ed community.

The general, constant worry of it all.

Going against the mainstream means walking through life knowing that most people we know, and meet, literally have NO IDEA AT ALL of what unschooling is. We are faced with  misconceptions and daft comments, from people who have probably thought about home education for about 3 minutes their entire lives.

The amount of hours homeschooling research and admin takes, has taken some adjusting to. Just this aspect takes a couple of hours a day. Reading articles and books, researching subjects and resources, booking activities and classes. Making sure I feel on top of what’s available that I can offer to my children. Knowing all higher and further educational options. Organising playdates for them all several times a week. But it’s enjoyable and fulfilling. I love the learning aspect of it all for me. It’s a new way of life, devouring knowledge and being interested in everything.

There’s been plenty of arguing and bickering over the past year, and that’s wearing. They are in close proximity to each other for many hours every day, which can be difficult for anybody. I think they do very well as such. Their relationship has in fact improved enormously since they were at school. Despite the bickering, they are able to cooperate, show kindness, plus have a laugh together. Which is so wonderful. Not actually sure now, because of how their relationship and their maturity has improved, whether this point belongs in this post, or the post of ‘things that have been fantastic’!

A year on, these things have been hard, but as my confidence and knowledge grows, they’re getting easier.


Yep. I do need those Real Housewives though.

Getting ready to lay down what’s been most JOYOUS! in our first year. Oh yes!!


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