Telling My Parents We’re Homeschooling

My mum and I can discuss many things openly, and I felt ok about telling her. Initially, she said she would go away and do some research, before she expressed any opinions. I couldn’t’ve asked for any more than that. Most people have strong opinions about home educating, but I’m not sure they have much of an idea what it is.

When we talked again, she said she understood what I was trying to do, and was full of admiration. We were quite emotional. It is an emotional subject, raising buried feelings about our own childhoods, school experiences, and many other things.

My mum was the first person I felt fully supported me. And because she had taken the trouble to research, understood my vision of homeschooling.

   2015-05-13 15.03.24

Thanks mum.

My dad died in 2011. I would’ve loved to tell him I’m homeschooling. He was always questioning authority, never accepting the status quo. To put it mildly! Although I can’t know for sure, I think he would’ve understood what I’m trying to do.